ED's "NextGen"​ BPO Small Business Subcontracting Plan (April 2020)

 The U.S. Department of Education is expected to award its 'Next Generation' Servicing BPO contracts sometime in the next couple of months, if not weeks. At that time, we'll learn who the winners are -- as well as the pricing model that each contractor and subcontractor will have to live with once NextGen is implemented. What adjustments will you need to make to your proposed small business subcontractor network? Do you have the best team in place to achieve ED's 'world class' performance objectives while also meeting ED's aggressive Small Business Participation Goals?

 No matter how much effort your organization put into identifying your proposed small business subcontractors, one thing is for sure: Every winning contractor will be scrambling to finalize its small business subcontractor network. Consider some of the factors you will have to consider as you assemble your team and submit your official Small Business Subcontracting Plan to ED for approval:

  • How many of your proposed subcontractors will still be available (or able) to join your team -- especially after all the negative impacts caused by COVID-19? What if a proposed subcontractor is unable to receive the required 'Authority to Operate' (ATO)?
  • Once your proposed subcontractors evaluate the financial details of ED's new pricing model (and associated servicing costs they will absorb as a subcontractor), will some of your proposed subcontractors determine it's not economically feasible for them to finalize an agreement with you? Given the compensation schedule you are offering, will they be able to make a reasonable return/margin AND meet the agreed upon Service Level Agreements (SLAs)?
  • Do you have the 'right mix' of small businesses socioeconomic categories in your network to achieve ED's ambitious (and unprecedented) level of small business participation goals (e.g. 47% total small business and 30% HUBZone, for example)?
  • When the proverbial 'music stops' in this controversial procurement, who will you have sitting in your small business 'chairs' -- and will they be able to help you achieve NextGen's performance objectives?

Collection Quotient Consulting has assembled a select list of high integrity, top performing, and 'high touch' small business service providers -- from each socioeconomic category -- for consideration by NextGen contract award winners.  These companies are highly regarded, well-managed small businesses with engaged and capable workforces, strong past performance and the financial strength to support NextGen in the following areas: BPO and Customer Experience (CX); Back Office; Information Technology and Security; and Account Resolution and Recovery Operations. As you finalize your Small Business Subcontracting Plan, we stand ready to help you implement and achieve ED's NextGen servicing goals and subcontracting objectives. Contact Randy at 513.478.2096 or  to receive additional information about our select group of distinguished small business service providers.


Fed Debt Opps

Capture federal debt collection, contact center and related technology contracts with Fed Debt Opps

Collection Quotient Consulting is pleased to announce the creation of Fed Debt Opps, designed to help collection agencies, contact centers and related service providers capture federal sector contracts in the burgeoning $400+ billion federal debt collection and call center marketplace. 

“We’re revolutionizing the way our industry sells to the federal government,” said Randy Kamm, principal of Collection Quotient and founder of FedDebtOpps,  “We deliver a proactive, data-driven and relation-based sales solution that shifts away from  the reactive, low-probability-of-success RFP model our industry has relied upon for decades. 

We help our members understand the size, scope, and timing of federal opportunities at agencies with inventories or projects that meet our member’s service offerings and revenue goals. We build individualized federal sales action plans that put our members and their services in front of federal buyers long before RFPs are released -- allowing them the leadtime to establish critically important relationships with federal buyers, which greatly enhances our members' success securing federal contracts.”

ARM Industry providers typically focus on the Department of Education (ED), Department of Treasury (Treasury), or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Most ARM executives don’t realize service providers received nearly $1 billion in fees from non-ED creditor agencies since 2007. In addition to existing contracts, Fed Debt Opps analysts have identified a large, untapped market beyond established federal contracts. Federal agencies hold pools of uncollected, delinquent debt representing nearly $40 billion in additional debt not currently under active internal, third-party, or Treasury collection programs. More than $23 billion has been earned by companies in the growing federal contact center market over the past several years.

Using actionable data gathered from official government sources and the trusted expertise provided by Fed Debt Opps' advisors, our services shorten the federal sales cycle by at least a year, save thousands of dollars in time and resources chasing low-probability of success RFPs, and provide members with the tools and insight needed to effectively capture servicing contracts in the burgeoning business sector. 

What is Fed Debt Opps?

Fed Debt Opps is a business development and advisory firm that positions Account Receivables Management (ARM) Industry, Contact Center companies and related service providers to more effectively secure federal debt collection and call center revenue opportunities.

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Transformative Results

Transformative Results

We help our clients achieve market share, revenue, growth and profitability through the creation of customized business development and sales plans which lead to strategic business relationships that transform and position our partners for success in the future.   


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Transformative Results

deliver trusted, high integrity advice and counsel. We help companies and public sector organizations achieve their vital goals and objectives. We promote valuable win/win, public/privWe ate partnerships and good government for the benefit of shareholders, consumers and taxpayers alike.


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Proactive vs. Reactive

We use a proactive, consultative, and data-driven approach that seeks first to understand and then deliver value with the end in mind. We help companies and public-sector organizations achieve their vital revenue goals and public policy objectives while treating consumers with the respect they deserve.

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